sunlab architecture; design from the solar laboratory

The sun is an appropriate symbol for our approach to architectural design, because it is a nurturing resource that provides warmth, light, and energy.
It also unifies us all through a sense of time, space, and season.

Each building site is unique, and every project will have different requirements.
Your site will be assessed with a unique climate assessment tool, providing an environmental map of it's environmental conditions.
This information is used to inform the design process, providing opportunity to tailor each project to the specific environmental conditions of it's location.

But passive solar design is only one aspect of the design principals at sunlab architecture.
We aim to combine the warmth and beauty of available natural resources (such as the sun's rays), with a rigorous, well-resolved design aesthetic, and careful consideration of function and structure.

Site-Specific design
The constraints and opportunities of each building site can be used to inform the design solution.
each project is analysed to find the opportunities provide by;

  • slope,
  • views,
  • microclimate,
  • solar access,
  • existing structures.

  • Constraints such as over-shadowing, over-looking, noise, or acoustic pollution can also be considered.

    Design for Climate
    A thorough understanding of the climate of the site is necessary for good building design, including building orientation, design of sunshade devices, location and size of windows, amount and type of insulation, building layout, and so on.

    We can produce an Eco-chart for your region, which clearly demonstrates the climatic conditions your building site will experience. This chart will also provide information about how much heating or cooling will be required throughout the year.

    Ecological design
    The construction industry is often responsible for the production of significant Greenhouse gases and the use of non-sustainable or toxic materials and techniques.

    Environmentally Sustainable Design describes an approach that reconciles the requirements for comfortable, sophisticated structures within a world being changed by pressures on our natural environment.
    Through the use of sustainable techniques and materials, (such as passive solar design and recycled building products) we can create naturally comfortable buildings, whith minimal negative environmental impacts.

    We strive to work closely with the end-users (the owner) throughout the entire design and documentation process, in order to provide a design solution which is unique and appropriate to your situation.
    We believe that good design and trouble-free project management means that everyone should be kept involved and informed during all design and decision-making processes.