Katoomba Architect.
Blue mountains architects. Sydney and Lithgow Central Tablelands architecture, architectural design service. Accredited registered chartered architect. NSW registration Architects Registration Board ARBV. Previously registered in Victoria ARBV. Insured with professional indemnity insurance. Public liability insurance. Registered business architect.

Fixed price design service.
Competitive rates on full project supervision to completion.
Free quotes, obligation free consultation, free quotation. Consulting.

Pre-purchase and pre-design evaluations
Heritage Impact Statements. Detail Character assessments. Statement of Environmental Effects
Site inspections. Feasability studies. Town Planning reports.

Schematic Design
Site investigation & analysis
Engage Surveyor for Contour & existing Conditions Survey
Site inspection and measure
Provide existing conditions drawings (if required)
Pre-design meeting with local council
Check Local Council Authority Zoning and Building Code Australia assessment
Check DCP(development Control Plan) and LEP (local Environment Plan) zoning, including protected housing area, Bushland Conservation, slope constraint, bushfire prone land zoning.

Sketch design
Formulate design brief
Sketch design:
Site layout
Floor Plans, elevations, sections
3d Renderings
Conceptual design solutions
Project analysis
Client consultation
Viability reports
Opinion of probable cost
Planning Control conditions summary

Design Development
Design Resolution
BAL Bushfire Attack Level assessment
Create 3D computer generated or physical model of the proposed works
Landscape Plan
DA -Development Application Documentation
Exempt an Complying development certificates.
Dimensioned working drawing set
BASIX certificate

Detail Design
Coordinate nad liaise consultants
Engage and instruct consultants, including structural engineer
Co-ordinate & modify drawing set according to consultant’s information
Construction Certificate documentation
Detail drawings
- Door/ Window Schedule
- Electrical Diagram
- Internal elevations to all wet areas
- Component details
Detail design and documentation
Client consultation on detail design
Cabinetry and joinery design
Make selections or advise on materials and finishes
Working drawings for custom details
Specification of Works

Construction stage
Tendering, tender for fixed price quote from builders. Construction contracts. Contract Administration

Visualisation Sketch drawings, computer modelling, wire frame models, 3D rendering of buildings on site including walk-through and flyovers. Model building of scale models, model making service. Photomontage site context illustration.

Cost effective construction. Cost analysis. Building design.

Owner-builder projects. Owner builders.

Earth building projects, including straw bale (strawbale) construction, adobe, mudbrick, pise, rammed earth, poured earth, light earth construction. Low tech alternative technology environmental design, ecological design principles. ESD- environmentally sensitive design. Eco chart comfort analysis. Energy conservation. Environmental design.

Climate Climatically responsive design. Ecologically sustainable development. Eco friendly architecture. Cool climate design. Passive solar house, housing. Design of sun shades sun shading devices. Solar hot water, trombe wall, earth floor, photovoltaic collection, RAPS remote area power supply, solar power. Hydronic heating. In floor heating.

On site greywater treatment system advice, reed bed, compost, composting toilet, blackwater sewer on site disposal.

Site Sloping sites, difficult sites, site-specific design. Microclimate analysis.

Projects Residential house home design. Townhouses. Renovations. Alterations and additions. Community housing. Houses.Commercial or industrial building design. Factories. Retail shop front shop fit-out display design. Cafe and restaurant design. Restaurants. Hospitality accommodation design, resort buildings, motels, hotels, hostels and backpacker accommodation. Offices.

Styles Contemporary modern minimalist organic heritage ecological alternative. Unique custom designs. Luxury home design. High quality modern contemporary architecture.